The Tuesday Currents

Please send this kitty all the positive vibes and healing thoughts you can.

I’m currently…

reading The Girl in the Tower by Katherine Arden

caring for a sick cat. It doesn’t look good and she’s MY girl and my guts are just twisted up. She’s old, 60 in cat years, but I sure expected her to have another few left at least.

watching I Feel Pretty on Moon Sisters Night (thank you, L, S and M!), a Star Trek marathon last week with Indy, and a Star Wars marathon over May the Fourth and Revenge of the Fifth

eating Fresh Thyme peanut butter, which is not much higher in cost than my Aldi stuff but it tastes like it was made fresh seconds ago. Oh it’s good.

beginning the chick integration process with the small pen. We have to repair it before we put it next to the large one so the girls can mingle.

applying for jobs. Layoffs after car repairs combined with catching house taxes up just don’t go well together… Wish me luck.

still organizing rides and/or logistics for more Scouts camping, musical practice, Model U.N. Honors Assembly, setting up fall/spring 2019 classes, summer camps, D&D, library classes… all Wood Sprite’s stuff.

listening to Florence & the Machine’s “Hunger.” It’s gorgeous and so is the video.

watching deer eat in the backyard. I hope they stay and eat ALL the brush…

What are you up to this week?

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