Things I Love Thursday

Some things I love this week…

Our chicks! We’ve got Blue (a black sex link Wood Sprite is training with a clicker), Betty (White, because she’s a Golden (Girl) laced Wyandotte!), Shuri (a buff orpington) and Eleanor (a calico princess).

My Indy, even if he’s nuts and thinks he’s Kevin Bacon.

Wood Sprite’s science obsession. She’s been ogling chemistry sets online (“real” ones, she insists, not all the “kiddie ones” we’ve had over the years; I think she just wants glass beakers), creating new labs in her room (with a bunch of plants and household ingredients that sometimes draw ants), reading all of the neuroscience and biology books she can get her hands on… I’m just trying to keep up at this point and I’m pretty sure she’s going to need a mentor in the near future but I love it.

A pioneer RPG game designed around the Oregon Trail. A friend in our homeschool co-op set it up and it was AMAZING, and I can’t stand that word and don’t use it lightly because it’s thrown around so much but WOW. The kids made wagons, had to do trials and cards, did skill stations (with real soap carving, fire making, ice lantern hammering and more), games of chance, panning for gold… It was brilliant. Even the food, water, medicine, and other supplies they had to tote around were actual bottles and sacks, not just tokens. She went all out and I have never been more impressed with an RPG game.

WAKANDA FOREVER. And the new Avengers Brady Bunch theme song. Infinity War is coming!

I’m also still loving the Greatest Showman soundtrack. I cry over both “A Million Dreams,” thinking about Indy and me as kids and getting all nostalgic, and “This Is Me,” thinking about… well, everyone.

Planning a Medieval Month! The Science Center is having an Arthurian Legends day in August so we’ve decided to make July Medieval Month with all books, movies and even foods medieval.

Reading for fun (just for me). I’ve missed it so much! I’m still not back to my old quota but I’m feeling a lot better with more books under my belt.

Arrrgh Schooling. I’m obsessed with Emily’s book ideas and want to be her BFF. We just assembled a heavy-on-the-science morning basket and we’re both very excited.

Starbucks rewards. I almost never buy anything at Starbucks anymore unless it’s under a star dash or double star day and those rewards are very welcome!

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