The Tuesday Currents

Painting with Wood Sprite

It’s Tuesday, 11:25 AM. I’m currently…

-missing a play I wanted to see because Wood Sprite’s not feeling great

-subscribing to Danielle Laporte’s new podcast

-Renewing library books, prepping summer camps, attempting to organize everything from papers to stuff to life

-reading The Westing Game, Sugar Rush, Self-Reg, a million other books that are due at the library, blogs, eguides and activities

-transitioning from the daily to the weekly planner

-grateful for free camps, Scouts camp credit, rides from friends,

-setting up a fitness challenge, an annoying song earworm March mania challenge, 2019’s planner, moon club, herb fairies, a movie night with my mom and sisters, our nature curriculum

-planning dinner, paying bills, recycling

-writing the usual plus some journal prompting

-watching TED Talks, Loving Vincent, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Tammy, Samantha Bee, the Magic Schoolbus Rides Again, SNL, The Librarians

-drinking coffee (which we now call covfefe, the one positive thing we attribute to DT)

-listening to the rain

-looking forward to Indy’s week off, even though he’ll be using it to rebuild our engine and not for the trip we’d planned

What are you up to this week?

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