The Tuesday Currents

Some kitty hygge.

ReadingSaving Dinner the Low-Carb Way, Grain Brain, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with Wood Sprite and Indy, tons and tons and tons of emails and blogs for e-courses.

Listening toHadestown by Anais Mitchell. Totally in love and dying to see the musical!

Drinking… Crystal Light Peach Tea

WatchingBeauty and the Beast, Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Evolution. (For those of you waiting on the results… I lost the bet. Sage actually liked Evolution, which means TJ’s beard will NOT be going glitter for Valentine’s Day. He’ll be getting a massage and Sage will be getting me sitting through every episode of Miraculous Ladybug. Wish me luck!)

Planning… All The Things. From co-op tech stuff to meetings and classes, library classes to a whole bunch of challenges, printing photos to meal planning, experiments, e-classes and activities and much more, we’re rolling.

Wanting… to have this gentle period of in-between much more often. Pretty sure I can work it in.

What are you up to?

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