The Tuesday Currents

Cleo and She-Ra say all we need is love. Or maybe hygiene. I’m not quite sure. I don’t speak dog or cat. I sure miss her.

I’m currently…

ReadingCoraline and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with Wood Sprite and Indy, Bazaar of Bad Dreams.

Listening to… Holiday music! Now that it’s after December 1 I’m totally okay with it… for the next three weeks, anyway.

Drinking… Sparkling Blood Orange Water

WatchingRed. It’s on while I write and Indy sleeps.

Writing… the usual

Planning… Indy’s birthday plans, two sister lunches, holiday plans, a visit with my aunt, rehearsals with Wood Sprite (she is working on several scenes in three different pieces of media for her winter showcase), mom’s nights, game night, 4-H activities, end of the year reviews, etc. I’m also putting in some countdown calendars that count down to the days until I can relinquish a few responsibilities in 2018! Oh, I can’t wait. I’ll have more time to write my fiction once this happens.

Wanting… to be able to fix issues and move forward cleanly and with understanding. Even though I’ve talked to people who’ve dealt with issues I’m dealing with now and understand the similar obstacles (people, mainly) faced it’s still so frustrating, especially the time it takes to spend on things. I think once Wood Sprite’s in college or working or whatever she decides I’ll definitely be volunteering in an entirely different field. Something with less human interaction that doesn’t seep into home life would be great.

What are you up to this week?