Things I Love Thursday

This week I am loving…

Hiking on Solstice! What a gorgeous day for it. Wood Sprite rode her bike while Indy and I had a nice hike.

Heat! Dad and Indy fixed the heat so we have it throughout the house for the first time in over two years! We’ve been using space heaters, which is mostly fine, but now there won’t be times when I can’t type because my fingertips are cold and stiff. Yay!

Having mostly tweens in 4-H. I LOVE this group so much. The kids are at an age where they only need a little direction and they can do the rest on their own and it’s wonderful. Wood Sprite is loving all of the opportunities and trips through 4-H, too.

Making plans with friends for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We’re going to a really cool place to see it and we can’t wait.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is on Netflix! I had only seen it once… Don’t ask how many times I’ve seen it now. It’s my background for work this week.

The Stranger Things Bad Lip Reading. It’s amazing. The best part is when Mike’s little sister talks. Also? “French cocaine.”

Mom’s nights. They are the best. We went to the same diner as a family that we went to during one mom’s night this month and Indy was impressed, too.

Silly holiday games. I am addicted to printing them out and doing them as a family.

Our lovely Fraser Fir. Her name is Heidi and she is the prettiest tree we’ve ever had. My mom and aunt say that it would’ve made my grandma happy since she used to “throw up” Christmas everywhere (as well as Halloween!). That made me SO happy to hear. She was my best friend and I miss her every day.

Seeing my BFFs. I’ve seen them all in the past two weeks even if some of the visits were under obligations rather than fun times. We had such a good game night (we always do!) and J’s house, even if temporary, is incredible. I want to house sit!

Watching the Die Hard movies with Wood Sprite. She’s not digging them as much as we do but she still enjoys them.

My sloth necklace! S gave it to me yesterday when we stopped by to return her coat and it’s SO adorable and such a perfect fit, which can be rare with necklaces and me. I love it.

Zoo Wild Lights. So pretty! We all had our favorites. Note that you won’t get to see almost any animals, though. Even when they say an exhibit is open, it doesn’t mean that the animals will BE there.

The nativity scene. We used to go every year to see the live scene at a local church and drink their interesting cocoa and this year Indy could finally go with his schedule.

Date Night with Indy. I whipped his butt playing Battleship again but he wiped the floor with me with Checkers.

Break from co-op. I love co-op; I don’t love being on the steering committee. I’m still getting plenty of emails and random tasks keep finding me (I’d stay off stupid Facebook forever if I didn’t have topics saved there for work; every time I log on there are messages or posts that need attention) but I’m erecting boundaries as they pop up as diplomatically as I can. The end of my term isn’t until September and it can’t come soon enough. There are even a couple of countdowns toward it in my 2018 planner. Sadly I’m not the only member feeling like this. I can barely imagine back when I was excited about this volunteer job and thought that I wanted multiple terms because I had so many ideas. Parks and Recreation is NOT an exaggeration, but at least those people were at work; answering angry messages, listening to people ask me to do or change things I have zero control over, handling time consuming minutiae and spending hours just trying to get everyone on board for an email or meeting eat into my actual work and family time. I’m still feeling pretty Grinchy about it so I’ll stop here.

What are you loving on this first day of winter?

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