The Tuesday Currents

Who wants to come make me some homemade vegetable soup? Please?

A virus (maybe a couple of viruses!) has had me down and out for two weeks. Losing 30 pounds is great but not so much in this way. Now Wood Sprite is sick with a high fever and some injuries from a play date that are bothering her five days later. November tends to be our month of sick! Nearly every member of my family has been sick and my baby sister had surgery yesterday so suffice to say I’m a day late and a dollar short in a lot of areas right now.

I’m currently…

ReadingCoraline and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with Wood Sprite and Indy, both on audiobook from the library because my throat’s been useless.

Listening to… Springsteen, “Born to Run.” It’s one of our songs but I was checking Indy out in some amazing jeans before he left for work yesterday and ended up having a fantasy about him while I was in the shower. 😉 He was on stage lip-singing to this song with a white t-shirt on and a bandanna in his back pocket… Mmm! He’s been such a rock while we’ve been sick (he almost never gets sick!) but we missed our date for my birthday (among a dozen other plans!) and I really miss him.

Drinking… Water

WatchingParks and Recreation. It’s my go-to sick TV show.

Writing… the usual

Planning… Thanksgiving games and activities, a foliage drive, a spring open house, interstate exchange, 4-H  activities,  logistics for rehearsals and theater shows, and just resting a lot so we can get better.

Wanting… I got the slippers I wanted for my birthday but no Thai tea yet! Still wanting that–and for everybody to be healthy.

What are you up to this week?

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