Things I Love Thursday

Here are some things I’m loving this week. How about you?

Rides from friends. Thank you, C, S, A and J!!

Good intentions. They are comforting in the beginning, aren’t they? Okay, that was a little sarcastic, but also true.

When friends check up on you because they know something’s not right. Thanks, S and K. ❤

Sci Finder kits from the library! Boy do we love these free resources!

Having an “only child.” For years I lamented about not being able to have more kids, both for my daughter, who wants siblings, and for myself. Lately, although I still feel the pang, I also see so many benefits to not having other kids in the house and really appreciate the freedom we have.

Sleep. When you miss it, you realize how much you really relied on it!

Icy cold water when you first step into the house when it’s 96 degrees outside. Isn’t that the most amazing feeling? The same goes for cold cold cold sparkling water.

Butterflies keep joining in the yard work fun. They definitely make it more enjoyable!

Indy making breakfast for dinner. YUM. It’s the best time for breakfast!


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