Things I Love Thursday

Not being sick anymore! Wood Sprite and I seem to finally be on the mend. Now I hope my best friend S is well soon, too. This has been the sickest summer I can remember. I lost 25 pounds just from throwing up and not being able to eat. We really take it for granted when we’re not sick.

Popsicles. Those things kept us going! Not to mention crackers, soup and 7-Up.

Mucinex. Be still, my heart.

Fireworks. I love watching the big ones go off from the city show.

Netflix. Mindless cartoons kept me company while I sat up in the chair unable to lie down for several nights. So did the cats!

Mild weather. It was a perfect day for science exploration.

Rides from friends! Now that we’re better, Indy has to work every. Single. Day. The guy on the opposite shift retired and they are looking for a replacement but for now, he’s very busy and we are once again home (but at least not due to illness). Today we got rides to science camp and the creek from J and S. Thank you!!

What are you loving this week?


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