Things I Love Thursday

Bag o’ goodies from Wood Sprite’s troop!

I’ve got a lot to love this week! How about you?

Indy’s schedule change. It’s still really hard for us to get used to (we’ve both been so tired from getting up so early because it’s still too hard for us to go to bed early) but it’s nice to have him coming home to look forward to each night! He’s got a ton of overtime this week, which sucks to find out about at the last minute, but we can use it. I’m also grateful that, although we had to scramble around to get some things done due to his sudden schedule change, we still managed to get them done and on time.

Friends stepping in! THANK YOU L, S, S, E and so many other friends who are giving us rides and making sure we don’t miss out on activities between our schedule changes!

Thank you to L for giving us a date night next week! I have no idea what we’re going to do but I’m counting down the days to actually spend some time with Indy. We haven’t had a date in months!

Wood Sprite’s Girl Scouts leaders surprised me with a bag of goodies as a thank-you for being field trip coordinator this year. It was a big surprise and very kind! I was embarrassed (well, I am always embarrassed in front of a crowd) because we’d made fruit salad for the meal and gotten juice all over the nice shirt I had picked out so I kept thinking I wish I’d worn that instead! 😉

Wood Sprite bridging into a Cadette. Time is moving by so fast and she’s grown nearly into a young adult already. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get emotional about it on a weekly basis but I am so glad to be along for the ride and I love hanging out with this funny, kind and interesting person who was once a one pound preemie who fit in my bra during kangaroo care…

We had a wonderful game night over the weekend even though we had to go after Indy got off work. It’s always so great to see our friends and we don’t get to do it as often as we’d like.

Indy barbecued so many hot dogs for our 4-H potluck that I haven’t had to make much all week. No, it’s not the best of food to eat by any means but it’s made some things much easier than they were last week! Alas, the last of the street corn is now gone.

My friend D brought her granddaughter over to hang out with Wood Sprite and they had a wonderful time together. She’s got some more dates with friends lined up and I’m very grateful, since the schedule change has us home half of each week now and she’s grown restless.

My first Starbucks gold card reward is in! Woot! If you use their “games” to get items when they have lots of stars, you really only have to spend a few dollars to get freebies. You don’t even have to buy the large ones.

Monday. Monday was the BEST day of the year so far. Indy was off, we had no plans and we just did some chores, barbecued, watched movies and spent the day with just the three of us (plus my mom dropped by). I’d love more days like Monday.

Fizzy drinks! I mixed some lemonade with half of a pineapple fizzy water and OMG. It was just as good as a restaurant specialty drink and for less than a buck. I think I may start experimenting with more homemade drinks since we’ll be home more often with the new schedule.



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