Things I Love Thursday

He was laughing at Youtube videos while I worked at the library, so I kept trying to get him laughing on video, which made him laugh harder!

We are having a filled, exciting week!  What else is new? Here are some things I’m loving…

Such amazing friends. When they rally around you, they really go all out! I don’t know what I’d do without S, J, L and E, not to mention so many other kind people in my life.

Having friends I don’t have to censor myself around or walk on eggshells around! It’s the most freeing thing on Earth. I think anyone who experiences that kind of situation should just end it cleanly. You might think you’re being kind by keeping it going on life support, but it’s probably best for you both if you pull the plug together and move on. It’s okay for great people to just not be compatible.

Dad and Wood Sprite’s BFF going to the symphony with us to see Wood Sprite’s recital. It was so much fun to see her enjoy her  performance so much! We also got a cool backstage tour.

Pizza delivery! I haven’t ordered one in a long, long time. We either make it (I’m still on a homemade dough kick) or pick it up while we are out. The kids were extra excited because I added a giant cookie.

Making friends with more activists. Between the lot of us we get it all covered!

Recuperating after being sick. Getting re-hydrated is the BEST. I’m hoping to be 100% by tomorrow.

My pretty spring shirts, courtesy of S. People keep telling me they’re surprised to see me in blue, purple, pink… I guess I wear a lot more black than I thought!

Flood water almost gone in the basement! I hope it’s gone for everyone who got it much worse than we did soon, too.

Seeing how far my 4-H group has come. Every time I write our quarterly newsletter blurb I feel like I have to pare it down because there’s so much to include! Our AM club is leading a butterfly garden project and we’re excited to help out with that.

Wood Sprite’s Bronze Award project. She’s doing storm drain stenciling. She contacted Public Works to arrange it and our next step is the actual stenciling. How exciting! She’s making her mark all over town.

What are you enjoying this week?


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