The Tuesday Currents

Me, reduced to a double decker couch for cats.

Rocking out to… The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Karen O has my back this week. I feel like holding up her lyrics to most people instead of talking to them.

Drinking… Water. But if you’re buying, I’d totally take a frappe.

Writing… Some really fun pieces, some of the same old, hopefully some material revisions for obligations I’ve not yet been able to tackle.

Reading… No time, which means I shouldn’t be writing. I’d love to read sometime soon. I’m reading plenty of news and research for work, but I don’t count that.

Watching… Saw one episode of Bill Nye Saves the World with Wood Sprite. Made me so depressed I bought a hummer and dumped a houseful of oil into the ocean. Seriously, though, those feelings are always simmering. Pretty easy to empathize with Bill. (Bill! Bill! Bill!)

Planning… To gnash my terrible teeth,

roar my terrible roars and roll




To manage my time. Not better, not worse, just to manage.

Some fall conferences with Wood Sprite. Cutting plans in some areas and adding in others. A way for Indy to feel more accomplished, appreciated and less stressed. Maybe the same for me…

Wanting… Same as always. Perspective for me, perspective for all. Empathy tea all around with plenty of milk and honey and biscuits. And maybe the next time someone asks for something, to maybe stop and think about whether or not they might be able to do it themselves?


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