The Tuesday Currents

My sick baby and my old guy, Halloween last year. I can’t even.

Rocking out to… Stevie Wonder. When Stevie’s on, you know I’m trying to kick some funk.

Drinking… Coke

Writing… the usual, but faster and with less sleep.

Reading… I wish.

Watching… We watched Homeward Bound on Easter and Wood Sprite and I watched some Doctor Who on Saturday.

Planning… Euthanasia for one old, beloved cat in pain and a vet visit for a pitifully sick cat. Both are breaking my heart. I’ve never had to have a pet euthanized before. Lessons and activities for lots of people outside my family (and feeling bitter about it; it’s that time of year. My usual zest will return in a couple of months). MO Department of Conservation programs for Wood Sprite and Indy to do together–free fun time for them to bond and me to get other things done! Camping and family-only time. Sigh. CAN’T WAIT.

Making… Tech break plans. 4-H Handouts. Due Date stickers for projects (ran out). A birthday cake for the chickens (oats and fruit). Makeshift triage for poor Cleo and tons of tempting foods to try to get her to eat. Laundry soap. Phone calls, emails, notes, schedule tweaks, field trips. ALL THE CHECKMARKS.

Wanting… just a smidgen of perspective–from myself and from others.


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