Things I Love Thursday, Take 2

Ruby Gloom invites you to see the bright side of the dark side.

You know how I’m always waxing on about how the days you don’t feel grateful are the days that you absolutely have to write gratitude lists? My day started out so dismally this morning. I was sick, my TV blew up, and I had a huge list of things to do and was feeling so unappreciated and resentful. We’ve all been there. But I made an effort to write my list and from there I was able to…

Catch up my laundry

Wash my dishes

Cut veggies/cook for two hours and prep meals (and give the dogs and chickens some scraps!)

Write several articles, including a deadline met ON TIME with an hour and a half to spare. Before last year, I was the deadline queen–almost never late. Now I almost always am and I just have to get back on top of it!

Do three science/art projects with Wood Sprite

Grab a shower

Help Wood Sprite feel better with her stomachache

Read four books with her

Eat lunch and snuggle with Indy before he left for work

Answer some emails and messages (still have a few before going to bed)

…and it’s only 1:00 AM! I’m usually in bed by 4:00 or 5:00 AM so this awesome (if I do go to sleep anytime soon). The trick was just getting all of that off my chest and avoiding Facebook/messages to focus. 😉



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