Things I Love Thursday

Because a pinch of Halloween makes everything better.

For a few days now, I’ve been battling nausea from an unknown cause. After the week I’ve had, I think it may just be from being stressed out and/or upset, and I’m so tempted to go on a Facebook hiatus again because of it. In my little familial bubble, it’s a mostly-peaceful sanctuary; it’s when we invite in the rest of the world that chaos ensues. This week I’ve been funneling calls and messages by the hour regarding some homeschool group issues that really have nothing do do with me and dealing with some work issues, among other things. The only reason I’m NOT taking that desperately needed break is because much of our Scout messages and homeschool group work that I do are there. This week is also filled with so much tween angst that’s Wood Sprite’s business but happens to cause her mom more heartache! So I’m a bit of a mess at the moment. Nevertheless, here are a few things I’m loving right now.

Indy having days off. This means the world to us. If you are used to sleeping next to your partner every night, you know how jarring it is to never have that opportunity; now I have that opportunity half of each month.  We went from him having zero days off to nearly half the month due to his new schedule and it’s been an adjustment. We’re still adjusting!

Writing poems with Wood Sprite for NaPoWriMo. We have missed a few days but today we’re working on a blackout poem.

The blackberry syrup I made was pretty delicious.

Gorgeous weather (even if two out of three of us have been having allergy problems).

Getting a free treadmill from one of my best friends, J! Now we have to get a new TV (ours just blew up today, smoke and all) so I can watch the shows I was excited about watching while I walk on it…

Watching Cleo snuggle herself into impossibly tiny boxes. (Maybe I’ll get a pic for later. I can’t seem to keep my phone charged enough to use it.)

These suckers! I don’t have any and haven’t tried them yet, but they just look so cool. That reminds me that we need to do our annual Planting of the Jelly Beans on Saturday after we dye eggs (before Sunday’s Peep Wars and hike!). Speaking of Peep Wars, Wood Sprite burned some popcorn in our microwave not too long ago and I’ve been trying everything to get the smell and stain out without many positive results. Any tips?

What are you loving this week?


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