The Tuesday Currents

Fuego in his Batman bling.


Rocking out to… Kaleo’s “Way Down We Go.” I can picture this song on so many soundtracks.

Drinking… Tea

Writing… short blogs, long articles, bylaw amendments, site tests, meeting notes, emails, 2018 goals, field trip reminders, a million answers to a million questions.

ReadingCamping Made Easy, Here We Are

WatchingDoctor Who (season 5), Rose Red, The Chipmunk Adventure

Planning… Most of the same things I was planning last week: fall co-op offerings, camping trips, state park visits, travel logistics for camps, and field trips. Also: some Missouri Department of Conservation programs, one to four-day camps for Wood Sprite, and next year’s bullet journal, which I finished up until March 2018 while I couldn’t sleep at a conference over the weekend.

We are also planning poor Fuego’s departure from this world. He’s 16, very sick and brittle, and it’s breaking our hearts. I’ve never had to do this (my parents always handled this sort of thing growing up, of course) and it’s so much harder than I ever realized. Right now we’re in the stage of calling around to see which vet has the best option for him and our family.

Making… bread, laundry soap, homemade body powder and dry shampoo, hygge.

Wanting… something to drink with blackberries in it. I smelled it in someone else’s drink this evening and I’m still thinking about it hours later! Also? For the ants to leave us alone this spring and summer!

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