The Tuesday Currents

My writer’s support circle.


Rocking out to… “Billie Jean”

Drinking... Root beer

Writing… 25 short blogs, three long articles, site tests, my book Street Fighting Man

Reading… Black Thorn, White Rose and Jessica Jones comics

Watching… Emerald City, This Is Us, Doctor Who

Planning… A girls’ movie night, a game night, road trips, camping, house improvements.

Making… Myself crazy. We have errands all day today (including some art fair prep that is just so convoluted! How many pages of directions do you need? Our homeschool fair has one page and half of that is your entry form!), tomorrow I’m teaching a co-op class, Friday I’m volunteering at Wood Sprite’s Junior Achievement Day, and Saturday I’m volunteering all morning at said art fair and all afternoon at a co-op event! I’m also feeling SUPER cranky, forgetting passwords, making silly mistakes… Just need



Wanting… To slow down while still getting all of this done, which is kind of impossible. Next best thing, then: get it all done with panache and my sanity intact!



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