The Tuesday Currents

Cleo versus The Doctor! Wood Sprite has been making dioramas out of every cardboard box she can find lately.


Rocking out toS.O.B. Thanks for reminding me that this song exists, M! 😉 I had my family cracking up over it on Saturday.

Drinking... Tea. I said, “Are we out of tea?” and Wood Sprite dramatically threw her arm across her forehead and wailed, “No! We mustn’t be out of tea! Mother cannot LIVE without her tea and crumpets!” Really, kid!

ReadingThe Year of Living Danishly, Jessica Jones (2016), The Firestarter Sessions, Purejoy Parenting class, Goblet of Fire aloud as a family. 

Writing… All the time, much of it quite unpaid, and some of it undone by human inconsideration. Note to self: no more unpaid commitments–for a decade.

Planning… rides, travel, final cookie deliveries, gap filling (seriously, this is why I maintain it’s just easier to do it yourself than to delegate), a glow party/dance with co-op, steering committee meetings, speech tricks and tips for my 4-H kids (who are doing fantastic–I’m pretty proud of this group), science/art fair logistics, spring birthday party presents and rides, Skyzone and Upper Limits playtime (Wood Sprite’s library coupons are expiring soon), spring hikes, archery practice dates, poetry teatime.

Today we enjoyed our first visit back to the Bolduc House for homeschool days with friends and we learned the Paddle Dance. I have to say that is one memory I’ll never forget!

Making… decluttered space, speech topic cards, 2018 planner (yep), notes for experiments and art projects.

Wanting… Same as last week: less clutter, fewer obligations, more in-the-moment family time. We actually have more family time with Indy’s new schedule; I just need to manage my work time better.


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