Things I Love Thursday

Ultimate Snugglers
Ultimate Snugglers

Today is our 10-year wedding anniversary! We spent the morning protesting (it was cold and snowing!), then we went to the city for Wood Sprite’s music lesson. After lunch we took a nap (we’d all been up all night) and now we’re watching Hellboy while Papa makes homemade fries. That’s what I’m loving this Thursday! ❤

This week I’m also loving..

Any time with Indy at all. This is the second week he’s worked 60 hours, which means that he’s been not-home for at least 67 hours and much of that time is spent sleeping. Can you really get addicted to someone by cuddling and experience withdrawals?  I believe it. I’ve been experiencing withdrawals. Hard.

My friends. My goodness have they been kind and supportive and understanding while I’ve been having meltdowns (see previous paragraph!). L, S and J in particular have been so wonderful, as always.

Time spent with my friend L this week. She also brought me these amazing chocolates and holy cow. They are my new favorites. I don’t think I’ll be buying them myself, though, because I can’t keep my hands off them. Seriously, I’ve never enjoyed chocolates this much!

Binging Doctor Who with Wood Sprite.

Cat snuggles.

Hard laughter. Boy did I need it.

Journaling. I used to journal daily and now I try to squeeze it in at least weekly and I can feel the difference.

What are you loving this week?


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