The Tuesday Currents

Our Valentine countdown box!
Our Valentine countdown box!


Rocking to… The Dirty Dancing soundtrack. And it’s in stereo. Wood Sprite watched it for the first time this weekend and couldn’t get enough of it.

Drinking… Tea

Reading… Deadpool Kills Deadpool.

Writing… All of the same things as last week, plus lots of correspondence. The new semester’s coming (or started, depending on which group you’re talking about) so lots of questions and need for support are coming my way! I’ve spent several hours assisting members, new or otherwise, in two different homeschool groups every day this week so far and many last week as well. While I enjoy being helpful, it does take some good time management, like anything else!

Planning… 4-H activities, rides to events while Indy finishes his training this week, co-op class registration, book promos (I’ve got a second edition releasing Friday), 4-H teen conference, a Valentine’s dance, co-op classes, Scout cookie sales with Wood Sprite.

Making… Blankets for Project Linus and dog toys for the Humane Society with my 4-H kids, Valentine’s hearts with Wood Sprite (I’d tell you what hers say but I don’t think she’d be happy about it!), a feral drawing of me at my worst last week, hopefully a thin behind-the-couch table this weekend.

Wanting...  An enormous sugar cookie iced latte.

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