The Tuesday Currents

river 067Currently…

Rocking to… The Hillywood Show’s Sherlock “Thrift Shop” parody. I’m not kidding. It’s my new favorite song.

Laughing about… General goofiness with my friend L.

Drinking… Water

Reading… Journey Girl Scout Award materials with Wood Sprite.

Writing… Pieces about Harry Potter and The Walking Dead, Ganja articles, chat tests, blog posts, book promos, journal entries, end of the year reviews (Rosie Molinary’s End of the Year Personal Summit, Courageous Living Planner, and Alexandra Franzen’s 5 Questions), January Reset, and my next book, Street Fighting Man.

Planning… homeschool support group events, 4-H events, rides, a Valentine’s dance, co-op classes, deadlines, Scout cookie sales with Wood Sprite.

Making… Blankets for Project Linus and dog toys for the Humane Society with my 4-H kids (we have 17 kids now! Plus two tag-a-longs!), boxes of foods for a local food pantry with 4-H.

Wanting... cheesecake. And I’m out of vanilla! 😦


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