The Tuesday Currents

My amazing new planner for 2017! Yes, it's homemade and heavy. It's also a binder and I have a love/hate relationship with binders, so... we'll see how it goes!
My amazing new planner for 2017! Yes, it’s homemade and heavy. It’s also a binder and I have a love/hate relationship with binders, so… we’ll see how it goes!

Happy New Year! What are you up to this week?

I’m currently…

Rocking to… Adele’s “Water Under the Bridge.”  Does it not sound like it needs to be in an 80s romantic comedy (but made today with less tropes and more wit?)? We are knee-deep in 80s nostalgia these days anyway. It will fit right in! Somebody make this movie now.

Laughing about… talking like I’m someone from the 1940s with Wood Sprite. She’s absolutely cracking up while I pretend to not know what things like Minecraft are.

Drinking… I’d like to say that I’m only drinking water (and I have upped my intake, as I promised myself!) but today I drank tons of coffee. I tend to do that on jam-packed days!

Reading… Ex Machina, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire aloud as a family.

Writing… pieces about X-Men and The Walking Dead, Ganja articles, chat tests, blog posts, book promos, journal entries, end of the year reviews (Rosie Molinary’s End of the Year Personal Summit, Courageous Living Planner, and Alexandra Franzen’s 5 Questions), January Reset, and my next book, Street Fighting Man.

Planning… our annual 4-H energizer activity, healthy activities for our Move Across Missouri project, state and county park visits (we enjoyed a hike on New Year’s Day), basement renovations (wow, do we need room for the kids!), dentist appointment tomorrow (ugh), my dad’s birthday present, skating and cookie sales with Scouts (and getting all of Sprite’s patches on before she goes door-to-door with her dad!), our spring co-op semester (I am offering five different classes, most of which meet more than once, and I may be crazy), deadlines. My deadline sticker looks like Death holding a clock and I love it every time I look at it, making me panic a little bit less.

Making… Blankets for Project Linus and dog toys for the Humane Society with my 4-H kids (we have 17 kids now! Plus two tag-a-longs!), parliamentary procedure print-outs (say that three times fast), tight-tight-tight, tea-and-toast budgets to try and get some things squared away, my awesome 2017 custom planner (let’s be honest; it’s been made for six months! I’m just tweaking), updates to paperwork for various clubs/organizations, plans plans plans.

Wanting... a year filled with health and happiness for everyone I know!


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