Things I Love Thursday

Noke was originally Princess Mononoke. He’s so gorgeous! Most of the pics I have of him are with Wood Sprite. She’s HIS human.

Although I’m still a bit sick and playing catch-up on different projects, there’s plenty to love this week. Here are a few things I love right now…

My Noke. My friend L thinks he’s part Maine Coon and although I’ve always loved Sir Fluffbutt (one of his nicknames), now I look at him and see so much I didn’t see before. I’ve always wanted that kind of cat so it’s been fun pointing out his different traits.

Saying buh-bye to negative people. I had someone I kept as a friend on Facebook as a courtesy who left a bratty comment for me (on my mom’s post, no less) after doing several negative things to my family in person, so I cheerfully waved and clicked that unfriend button.

Special Books by Special Kids. Every single story just fills my heart.

Getting better, slowly but surely! I take so much for granted when I’m well. I’m trying to be more appreciative.

Our holiday decorations and tunes. I’m not sick of any of it yet, but I’ve missed out on so many things we had planned by being sick that maybe I am just enjoying it more now. I can’t wait for Wood Sprite to open her homemade presents!

Holiday movies. I’m a sucker for them. I’m watching Amy Smart and Mark-Paul Gosselaar in 12 Dates of Christmas on Netflix and it’s stupidly cute.  It’s like Groundhog Day but with tinsel and lights.

Space heaters. I think of people who have no heat right now and am so grateful for these things.

Firehouse Subs. Indy brought me one home and OMG. Those things are amazing.

What are you loving this week?

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