The Tuesday Currents

A Ghibli Christmas
Indy and I made some of Wood Sprite’s presents on Saturday night.

I’ve been so sick that I didn’t want to just write “Sick, drinking tea!” every day and I’ve skipped a bunch of posts! Although I’m still under the weather I’m at least upright and typing again.


Rocking to… the comfortable buzz of my cozy space heater. Earlier, to Wood Sprite’s recorder practice.

Laughing about… weekend antics. As sick as I am, Indy and I were giggling like kids last night over dumb stuff (like making farting noises on each other’s bellies).  He was off all weekend and he really needed it. We all did.

Drinking… tea, and LOTS of it, plus water and some Gatorade.

Reading… Robert Frost, Patrick Henry and Dr. King with Wood Sprite.

Writing… promos for my new book, Ganja articles, chat tests, blog posts, pieces about Paper Girls and Emma Watson.

Planning… new, fun holiday traditions, our 4-H holiday party, finalizing my 2017 planner, a friends game night. Also, we bought WS a D&D set for Christmas and we’re looking for a place for her to learn how to play it since we’re both clueless!

Making… holiday print-outs and games, a collection of water bottles for dog toy making with 4-H, Yule crafts, BuJo layouts, organized space… Indy and I made Wood Sprite some cool presents (soot sprites, Calcifer and a Marauder’s Map) to add to the others I made earlier this month. I think she’s going to have one exciting holiday!

Wanting... to just be well! We missed so many things–from the big Six Flags World Record Mistletoe Kiss to Indy’s big birthday lunch–while I was sick and I’ve got my fingers crossed that we’ll ALL be well for the rest of the year.


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