The Tuesday Currents


Rocking to… Bonnie Tyler ❤

Laughing about… The way my cats sleep. I just sent this pic to Indy (he’s still at work) and he texted back, “Is he dead?” I replied, “I don’t think so. His ear just twitched!”

Drinking… Water. It’s a big day! Gotta stay hydrated.

Reading… Proposed amendment details, old journals, inspiring blogs, Walking Dead comics.

Writing… I’m catching up and trying to get ahead so I can take this weekend off for my birthday!  I have an X-Men piece that I’m finishing up (finding pics for this one is turning my hair as white as Storm’s…), some Harry Potter articles percolating, several Ganja pieces and of course, Visions of Sugarplum. Heath is NOT cooperating, but then again, when have you ever heard of a Cyclops cooperating?

Watching… Indy and I watched some Modern Family and American Horror Story on Sunday morning. We’re trying to make that a habit, no matter how busy we are. We miss our pizza and Netflix in bed!

Planning… To hand out cookies and cocoa to voters today! A date with Indy Friday night! A weekend of origami, drawing, karaoke, bullet journaling and hopefully something delicious… Brazilian food? Sugary coffee drinks? 5 Star burgers? Birthday cake truffles from the Blue Owl Sweet Shop? We’ll see what Indy has planned! Any of these would be awesome.

Making… An electoral college map to use with Wood Sprite today, lists, birthday plans with one of my besties, my 2017 planner (it’s done!), cat retreat boxes (Wood Sprite and I are planning on making some cool designs this weekend), DIY games courtesy of The Dating Diva, a cleaner house with less clutter (I pitched a lot in a burst of post-Halloween cleaning), natural disaster emergency supply kits (well, mostly just water jugs this week) and maybe some homemade dog and chicken treats this weekend.

Wanting… more notice when Indy has to work late or overtime; election results I can celebrate; better focus; a magical personal smoothie maker; a sweet cream nariño iced coffee.





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