Things I Love Thursday

KIMG00641It’s been a whirlwind of a week with Halloween, my new niece coming to the world 5 weeks early and my sister in the hospital, conflicts with people I love, and tonight, getting sick to my stomach. I started a gratitude challenge on Facebook and thought I’d just re-post my post from that for the week. What are you loving this week?

Original Post:

Every November, I usually do this. I already keep a gratitude journal in my planner, so it should be easy, right? The thought of doing another “challenge” exhausts me, but that’s just after an exhausting day (month? season?)! I have also found that when you feel too tired or just not up to listing things you’re grateful for, it’s the best time to do it. So here goes.

Day 1. I’m so grateful for my sister’s health. I cannot tell you how twisted I’ve been inside since finding out that she has preeclamsia, too. Even knowing that she was farther along than I was… it all rushed back to me and I’ve been sporadically crying daily. I’m just SO, so grateful that your delivery was such a success and that you are safe and sound, Boogie.

My heart is full of gratitude for my new niece! I can’t wait to meet you, little pumpkin.

Every day I’m inundated with messages about all of the things I’m involved in and it gets overwhelming… but I am grateful for all of the opportunities that I have and the technology that allows me to homeschool so easily (dude, we have it SO easy! Can you imagine field trip sign-ups in the 80s? That’s a lot of phone calls.) and work from home to be with my family. Sometimes the tech feels like it’s taking over (TRAPPER KEEPER) and we need to find a better balance (and not answer things immediately when we’re trying to have family time!) but it sure does help, too.

My amazing husband. My goodness. He does everything with us just to ensure we have family time together every day. He co-leads our 4-H group and teaches archery every year. He puts up with my insanity and he looks so good in jeans.

Fake blood. Damn but I rocked that Carrie costume.  Culvers will never be the same.



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