Things I Love Thursday

Indy looks ready for Fantastic Beasts!
Indy looks ready for Fantastic Beasts!

After being so sick to my stomach this morning, I am most thankful for not puking in the last few hours! Some other things I am loving this week are…

The possibility of a weekend off. The last day I had off was on September 9, and it was only off because we had activities from 9am to 10pm and we came home and collapsed into bed! Cross your fingers that I get done in time…

Having well-received work and interesting projects on the board. I’m writing about The Walking Dead and Harry Potter this week, among other things.

Snuggling with Wood Sprite. She has days where she just wants to read together or play with Legos with me and I just clutch them dearly because I know how fast she’s growing.

Finding random things to eat. It’s a “lean week” at our house so we are being creative, but we also have leftover food from a few events we attended this week that we are so thankful for! One more day until pay (and grocery) day!

Cozy pants. Indy bought me some at the end of last winter when they were on sale and they are so wonderful when it gets chilly.

Halloween decorations. In our neighborhood, it’s pretty much just us, but when we drove home from an event in the city on Tuesday we saw lots of decorated houses. Yay for Halloween spirit!

Fantastic Beasts is coming! I can’t wait to see that or Doctor Strange. This year we’ve mostly just rented things from the library, but some friends are talking about organizing a watching party as a group at one of the cheaper theaters, which could be really fun.

What are you loving this week?



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