The Tuesday Currents

Ruby Gloom invites you to see the bright side of the dark side.
Ruby Gloom invites you to see the bright side of the dark side.

Rocking to… Stranger Things soundtrack

Laughing about… Making song parodies with Wood Sprite while we do chores

Drinking… Blackberry tea

Reading… Online schtuff

Writing… Articles on Doctor Strange, Harry Potter and Walking Dead; Ganjarama pieces; my holiday book, Visions of Sugarplum; product descriptions; that sort of thing.

Watching… We finished Stranger Things with Wood Sprite. We can finally discuss next season! Indy and I had watched all of it first before deciding she could and she’s a bit obsessed. She has an El background on her computer…

Planning… Planning? Heh! Try doing. Since last Tuesday, I’ve hosted three parties, helped with the 4-H banquet (where I won Leader of the Year and my kids all won tons of awards!), gone to Trunk or Treat, a library Halloween event, taken Wood Sprite bowling, written several articles, visited my parents, gone to co-op, had a steering committee meeting, baked a cake, about 80 cupcakes and 240 mini corn muffins (half with jalapeno and cheddar)…! This week my big plan is to get everything done by Saturday morning to enjoy a three-day weekend with my family. Indy and I haven’t had a day off in over a month and we are really trying to make this work!

Making… memories, dammit.

Wanting… A three-day weekend with my loves!


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