The Tuesday Currents

The death of a thousand pumpkins! Wood Sprite had pumpkin in her hair well into the evening...
The death of a thousand pumpkins! Wood Sprite had pumpkin in her hair well into the evening…

Rocking to… The Who. Wood Sprite went camping last weekend with Scouts and one of the moms had a band shirt on that she couldn’t stop talking about, so now I’m in the mood for some Pete Townshend riffs!

Laughing about… Goofing around with my 4-H moms and dads! We had a Halloween party today and it was wonderful to see them all, chuck pumpkins off the deck, get dressed up (I was goth Where’s Waldo, but Indy has the pic on his phone so I can’t share!) and enjoy treats together.

Drinking… Blackberry tea. OMG yes. With you at my side, I can move mountains, write a book and maybe get that basket of laundry empty for the first time in I don’t know how long. My BFF, S, also brought me a coffee over before our party (THANK YOU!!) but that’s long gone now. Ha!

Reading… I wish I had something to report. I did flip through some New X-Men comics over the weekend.

Writing… Pretty much the same as last week: Ganjarama pieces, Visions of Sugarplum, product descriptions (mostly hardware and jewelry), tons of emails/reminders/agendas/materials for homeschool groups, 4-H Club, Girl Scouts and another homeschool group steering committee and site testing. I have a fun new Screen Rant piece about Supernatural up and a few others I’m working on, too.

Watching… Nothing to report here, either. Wood Sprite and I watched a couple of short science videos yesterday, and a video on the Federal Reserve today.

Planning… Now that the 4-H party is over, I’m working on Wood Sprite’s birthday (Thursday) and park day party (Monday), 4-H banquet logistics and events around it (thank you, H!), and a homeschool group Halloween party. We have two more coming up, but another parent graciously agreed to plan one of them (thank you, B!).

Making… cupcakes. Lots and lots of cupcakes!

Wanting… To wake up with this cute makeup on every morning. I don’t wear it often, but I was a “goth girl” for a couple of years in junior high and I have to admit, I still rock it. 😉



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