Monday’s Music

Wood Sprite’s birthday is this week! I can’t believe she’s turning 11. She is so much fun to be around, as ever, but time is just passing so quickly. She’s an artist, a scientist and an outspoken person who is not afraid to meet new people, speak up or speak out. I grew up such a shy child and I can’t tell you how happy this makes me.

Sprite loves to swim, swing at the park, ride roller coasters, take off on her scooter and take night walks. She loves her pets, her art supplies and sketch book, Minecraft and Halloween. She’s so close to her fluffy black cat that they climb a tree together just to hang out while she reads or draws pictures; if she’s inside and still, you’ll find him snuggling or asleep on her.

Sprite is a lover of musicals (her favorites are Hairspray and Rent), light horror (Goosebumps, Five Nights at Freddy’s), sci-fi (Back to the Future, Stranger Things), geek culture (Avengers, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Labyrinth, X-Men) and finding out how things work. Her enthusiasm is often that of several people and you can’t stop her from learning about what she’s interested in!

This year, Sprite enjoyed making more new friends, diving off the high dive, getting into the Goosebumps books, at least twenty sleepovers and camping. She enjoys listening to books on tape, making simple meals and snacks, baking, archery, photography, and depending on the day, either chatting or playing pretend with her friends. Her favorite thing in the world is her mp3 player, with her Spotify station running a close second.

Wood Sprite is my favorite person on Earth and I’m just overjoyed that I get to be her mom. Our lives get so hectic sometimes that it can be difficult to stop and remember the best things about our lives, and I’m just stoked that I get to homeschool and be with her while she learns, grows and follows her dreams. In honor of Wood Sprite, here’s her current favorite song…

…our song for her arrival (she’s not a huge fan of this one):

This is the song I sang to her all the time while pregnant:

And here’s the song that was playing when she first kicked!





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