The Tuesday Currents

Dead Raggedy Ann will ruin your childhood. So much for nostalgia!
Dead Raggedy Ann will ruin your childhood. So much for nostalgia!

Rocking to… the Book of Life soundtrack.

Laughing about… My blog followers! I have homeschoolers, stoners, sports enthusiasts, geek culture lovers and readers of my erotic romance books all keeping up with my posts. I love it!

Drinking… Freshly-made tea… mmmm.

Reading… Wood Sprite read some Goosebumps to us today, then we read some Christopher Columbus criticism later. Boy was she pissed. She is every year, but this year she’s all about denouncing the holiday in addition to the man and wants to petition to remove it on a national level. I don’t blame her one bit.

Writing… Ganjarama pieces, Visions of Sugarplum, tons of emails/reminders/agendas/materials for homeschool groups, 4-H Club, etc.,  site testing, and articles about Stranger Things, Supernatural and creepy musicals.

Watching… I have had The Book of Life on repeat while I work tonight. Last night it was Zootopia.

Planning… Mostly just some creative budget strategies for the rest of the year. Meal plans, tricky scheduling, 4-H banquet decorations and food… that’s about it. <–Pretty much this same stuff. My friend E’s brilliance has the centerpieces set! I’m also planning to make some dehydrated veggie and fruit snacks. My friend L made some apple chips for me last week and they were awesome.

Making… Halloween decorations with Wood Sprite, tea, laundry soap, stickers for Wood Sprite, costumes. Since the last time I wrote, I have been Harley Quinn, Dead Raggedy Ann, Andrea from the Walking Dead comics, Ygritte and Mance Rayder from A Song of Ice and Fire and Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter.

Wanting… a burst of lasting energy, for this headache to go away, and to be caught up so I can actually start a day fresh instead of from inside a hole!


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