Monday’s Music

It’s not autobiographical or anything, but this is how I’m feeling lately.

It’s funny because I have parents telling me I look like I have things completely under control. I’m flattered, but I don’t know ANYONE who achieves perfect balance! It’s all an illusion. If I have a fabulous work and volunteer day, I probably had a crap homeschool or housework or parenting day… I can usually excel at two to three of my roles each day, but not all of them.

A decade ago I would just never sleep and get everything done, but these days I can’t even make myself do it. My body will just quit and I’ll wake up with my face on the keyboard, even with coffee! Of course, when you schedule in 30 hours of work in most 24-hour periods, you are bound to fail on an epic scale.

Tomorrow Indy’s working overtime, so we will have a day at home. Those days are SO beloved around here! I’m hoping to catch up on lots of writing as well as a pile of laundry as tall as Wood Sprite. How about you?


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