Things I Love Thursday

He's snuggling on the heating pad with his sister, but he's having trouble getting around.
He’s snuggling on the heating pad with his sister, but he’s having trouble getting around.

There are a lot of things that I’m NOT loving this week. I lost a job, I didn’t finish my Halloween book on time for publication, I’m having the worst anxiety about violence (and a weirdo apparently roaming in our neighborhood at night), I was ill today, and my oldest cat, Fuego (15) is dying. It’s one of those weeks where you really need to think about the things you really are grateful about to just keep on truckin’.

Some things I am so grateful for…

Indy’s job. Now that mine has been cut again, he can work overtime to make up the difference when it’s available.

Homeschooling. That takes away some of my anxiety and allows us all to be with Fuego during his old age.

My next project. I’m already working on my holiday book, and I can still turn in my Halloween one for another time.

Feeling better. Resting today helped a lot. I still feel weak but I’m not throwing up.

Halloween. Indy put our lights up yesterday and they are my favorite yet. I still haven’t really found my Halloween spirit just yet but I am sure it’s coming. We still haven’t finished decorating. I think having the old hardwood  (and all of its terrible pet stains) exposed after ripping out the carpet is still dragging me down, but so is my overloaded schedule.

Running water. We take it for granted so much! That, and the dishwasher, and the laundry machine, electricity… there is so much that we have.

Wood Sprite’s Halloween spirit. She made fake blood today and it was pretty awesome. We talked about urban legends last night and I was surprised about they didn’t really scare her.

Planning to take days off. I am planning a three-day weekend in November for nothing but R&R and self-care. No tech, no running around, no answering questions or working on 4-H, Scouts, homeschooling, nothing… Maybe some reading, napping and cocoa. If I still haven’t seen it yet, maybe some Luke Cage binging, too!

What are you loving this week?


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