The Tuesday Currents

The Other Mother will cut you.
The Other Mother will cut you.

Rocking to… Salt N Pepa

Laughing about… the judgement of other people. Seriously, it’s kind of hilarious, especially when they see you for all of five minutes and they think they have your whole life figured out. Just lovin’ it.

Drinking… Lemonade, courtesy of my love. He takes good care of me when he knows I’ve got a lot on my plate by asking what I need and just being there when I vent without making unhelpful comments or doling out patronizing paternal instruction as if I do not know what I need. I love that about him.

I am also drinking a frothy mug of passive aggressive annoyance juice. Try it! It goes great with stale Facebook crumpets.

Reading… Into things. ALL THE THINGS. Because it is Moon Week and I have a new theory. I think the reason we women get emotional, angry, or an Extra Dose of the Feels this week is because we are nature’s Berserkers and we will set this shit straight. I honestly don’t give two whits if evidence supports me or not because I’ve got a morningstar and I’m swinging it like fucking Xena. I will take the Iron Throne this week, and I will do it without dragons.

Writing… Confusing emails. Edits to 4-H and Girl Scout calendars. A billion essays with Wood Sprite. Answers to dozens of questions. Angry, deleted rants. Sexy texts. Letters to Wood Sprite on the Magna Doodle. Pot articles. Interview requests. Chat tests. Product descriptions (Christmas ornaments! My favorite! I’m actually being serious here. They are super fun to write.) A smoking hot ghost story. (Seriously. I’ve got a few firsts tucked into this one.) Rants about comic book characters that I love.

Watching… Stranger Things. LOVE.

Planning… To take the kingdom and ride off into the sunset on my flying hydra. Also, a date with Indy on Friday!

Making… Rabbit toys. Birthday cards. A cute steampunk theme on my phone over the most gorgeous fall background ever. Everything smell like pumpkins. Weekly plans to meet up with my good friends L and H, as well as their kids, Wood Sprite’s friends E and B. Clean pups! I washed the dogs and won the week. Check marks, because I. Get. Shit. Done.

Wanting… Personal autonomy. “Splaining” of all kinds to just disappear. Yesterday. Rapists to do more jail time than drug offenders. My Mongongo lip balm! I have no idea where I misplaced it. People to just let each other vent without judgment. The entire Torrid Nightmare Before Christmas collection. Pineapple fluff (I have the frozen fruit, but is it worth waking the neighbors with the blender? Hmm…). Cute socks. Reusable sandwich bags and food wrap. My fridge to stop leaking (or a new fridge!). A mini retreat with myself, some candles, some music and my journal (and maybe these!) Politicians to listen to their constituents. Chorizo scrambles every single day. Next week I will feel embarrassed about wanting so much but this week Veruca Salt seems to be sitting on my shoulder.





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