Things I Love Thursday

Indy was all about putting a pizza in this baby.
Indy was all about putting a pizza in this baby.

It has been a hustle of a week in terms of things to finish, places to be and people to see! Wood Sprite and I are knee-deep in completing her 4-H project books and essays, preparing for the fall semester (Hullo, lovely September!), working… We had our Not Back to School Picnic and creek day, we explored an historic home about an hour away and I am up juggling too many projects. Again.

So what did I just do? Oh, you know, a meditation with the My Mindful Year journey, because I have SO much time for that! If you’ve ever practiced meditation, though, you already know how much clarity and focus you get out of it afterward. This was just what I needed.

Here are some things I am loving this week. How about you?

FALL. It’s not here yet but it’s whispering to me.

Seeing most of my friends this week. I have miss seeing some people (C and H especially!) but I have been so fortunate to see most of my friends at various events throughout the week.

Indy made potato pancakes. That is a festival in and of itself, y’all.

Halloween popping up everywhere. It’s like the crocus of the fall, but creepier and even more wonderful.

My mom letting me borrow her laptop after my backup quit on me this week! WHEW. Talk about coming to the rescue!

Catch and release. I’m not talking about fishing, either.

Winter! I am so excited about our winter plans this year. Indy is taking a few days off and we are seeing All The Lights. I even have our countdown prepared already.

New office art courtesy of some free comics I picked up.

Indy working nights. It’s not ideal as far as sleeping goes but it’s been a boon to our schedule.

Homeschool dads! It’s nice to see more at the park and events. Don’t be shy. Indy’s at most of them, too!



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