Things I Love Thursday

See, hear and speak no evil?
See, hear and speak no evil?

After promising myself I’d get some real sleep for once tonight, I’m up after two hours of sleep. Texts, animals knocking things over and my own generally worried, busy brain are all to blame. Today I am loving my body’s reminders about how none of this is okay and how I’m going to get sick if I let it continue. With that in mind, here are a few things I’m loving this week.

Giving up volunteer jobs! I volunteer with 4-H, Scouts and various homeschool groups. I moderate and/or own four different positions via Yahoo and Facebook and serve as the new member contact for another. I let go of four of these moderating gigs today to help free up some of my time–because it would be awesome to get some real sleep or read a book or something. 😉

Not having Netflix. We took a break and cut some costs and Wood Sprite’s been much more creative without turning to the TV every time she feels bored.

Spending time with my good friend, M. I’ve missed her and we had a wonderful two-hour catch-up session on Wednesday.

Staying hydrated. I’m trying to stick to mostly water lately and it’s helping with the headaches. I am almost positive they would go away if I slept regularly. Indy is also on nights again, which makes it hard to sleep anyway.

Clarity. Man, it doesn’t get any more valuable than that.

FALL! It’s coming. There are already haunted house ads on the radio.

What are you loving this week?


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