The Tuesday Currents: The Vacation Recap

Indy had two butterflies on him in this picture, but one flew away just as I snapped it.
Indy had two butterflies on him in this picture, but one flew away just as I snapped it.

Rocking to… Nirvana

Laughing About… Making funny voices with Wood Sprite last night

Drinking… Tea

Reading… Nothing. It’s been too busy around here to read, which makes me cringe. If you’re too busy to read, you’re too busy to write, right? Indy was off last week but I wasn’t, so I crammed in a lot of things to do with him and Wood Sprite while I kept my regular schedule and am still exhausted. Freelancers don’t get vacation days unless they can really manage to work them in for themselves, but I’ve decided that I am definitely taking a day off each week from now on because I’m reverting to my old working-every-day mode and it’s really hurting me–just like it did last time, and the time before that…

Writing… Product descriptions (barbecue equipment, clothing, holiday decorations, etc.), more articles about marijuana, lists for Screen Rant, journal entries, Boo to You, Mrs. Robinson (my October release), Street Fighting Man (November) and Visions of Sugarplum (December), my Bullet Journal.

Watching…  Fried Green Tomatoes, The Day After Tomorrow, 9 and Kung Fu Panda 3  with Wood Sprite and Indy. We never made it to the drive-in to see Pete’s Dragon, but we do hope to see it soon.

Planning… Too much.

Making… Clean rooms, redecorated spaces, storage solutions… Indy’s tackled a few small items on my honey-do list, which is usually just things I can’t reach because I don’t like using the stepladder.

Wanting… A vacation redo. My god. A big chunk of our vacation was spent canceling our plans and doing things for people or taking care of obligations as they quickly came up (he even had to help fix a machine when he went to pick up his check! I think it’s time for direct deposit…) and we’ve decided that from now on, anytime he has three days or more off that time is OURS unless it’s an emergency. I’m also wanting a fridge that doesn’t leak, a new tire for Sophie, to KNOW when Indy has overtime before he has to work it (last night was his first shift back and he didn’t know he had to work 12 hours until he was supposed to get off an hour ago), my three dozen mosquito bites to go away… and more time with Indy. I’m a greedy wife. I always want that.

Vacation Notes

During Indy’s vacation, I worked every day. I even got terribly sick one day! But we also did quite a bit as a family. We…

Cleaned and gave away two carloads of stuff

Re-arranged things in the office, laundry room and Wood Sprite’s room

Went to the library a few times

Got slushies

Enjoyed my baby sister’s birthday with her at my mom’s house (and enjoyed Casey’s Pizza, too!)

Went to a Lego class

Woodsprite had THREE sleepovers–two at friends’ houses and one at our house. The latter had a Harry Potter theme.

Saw Ghostbusters

Used our Drury points for a jacuzzi room

Went to homeschool park day

Had two Girl Scouts meeting, one of which included a bonfire with s’mores, flashlight tag and camp songs

Turned in our library reading logs for cool pirate mugs and candy

Went to the Butterfly House

Fixed WS’s sit-upon

Tried Dirty Dawgz hotdogs

Went to Sculpture Park to eat and find Pokemon

Read at the Humane Society Shelter Buddies volunteer program

Had a couple of movie nights

Ate at Smokee Moe’s barbecue (Holy. Cow. It’s the best barbecue in the county.)

Did the Faust Park 30/30 hike and Junior Ranger activity sheet

Saw “The Awakening” sculpture in Chesterfield

Took Wood Sprite to Chuck E Cheese

Played tic tac toe, Grown Up MASH and other goofy games

Did errands, chores, and honey-do list tasks

Indy ripped off the rotted roof on our deck, which made a pergola. He also broke down the stupid mattress that sat in our hall all summer to make extra padding for Wood Sprite’s bed, treated the house for fleas, cooked some yummy meals and was home all day, every day. It was so nice having him here and I miss him as I type this.


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