Things I Love Thursday

hp3It’s one of those weeks where if it can go wrong, it will–and it’s supposed to be Indy’s vacation week. Between getting violently sick, bending our plans to accommodate over a dozen other people (we are supposed to be out of town!), checks being delayed and me working my usual hours, it certainly has not felt like a vacation. In fact, it feels more hectic than usual.

Still, there are plenty of things I am loving this week, including…

GHOSTBUSTERS! We finally saw it and all three of us loved it. The fight scene and the “scary” scenes were my favorites, but all three of us agreed that Holtzman was our favorite.

The Butterfly House. My parents bought us a membership a long time ago and we haven’t been yet. We did take Wood Sprite when she was very young, but she didn’t remember. She said she wishes she could live there and all three of us enjoyed butterflies landing on us.

Indy’s homemade fries. YUM. We are having a Harry Potter party right now and he made them as part of the “fish and chips” dinner last night.

Writing about new topics. It’s always interesting for me and I love to change it up now and then.

Indy being home. No matter what, that’s always nice. Well, it is until he starts to follow me around like a lost pup when I’m working!

What are you loving this week?


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