The Tuesday Currents

When you're pulling (another) all-nighter and he makes you burgers and pineapple fluff.
When you’re pulling (another) all-nighter and he makes you burgers and pineapple fluff.

Rocking to… AC/DC, DMX and The Silent Comedy

Laughing About… Indy cracking me up to make me feel better. He sure knows how to make the right goofy noises and weird impersonations to lower my stress levels. They just happen to embarrass Wood Sprite in the process.

Drinking… Pineapple fluff. MMM. I froze the pineapple we scooped out for a GISHWHES project (Finishing that draft so you can see our entries is still on my to-do list!) and Indy blended it for me.

Reading… Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle. We read a bunch of books for the fall Adult Reading Club at the library and got these really cool mugs (pictured with my pineapple fluff!) filled with chocolates as prizes.

Writing… Product descriptions (stuffed animals, puzzles, makeup, etc.), more articles about marijuana, lists for Screen Rant, journal entries, Boo to You, Mrs. Robinson (my October release), Street Fighting Man (November) and Visions of Sugarplum (December), my new Bullet Journal. So it’s mostly the same as last week.

Watching…  Pete’s Dragon (the original) with Wood Sprite and Indy. She doesn’t remember watching it when she was little, so we are seeing it again before we head to the drive it to the new one this weekend.

Planning… Tons of homeschooling events, activities and projects, Girl Scout trips, 4-H events, Indy’s time off, sleepovers, you name it.

Making… Birthday cards, storage solutions (and empty spaces!), organized rooms… All of the archery stuff has it’s own closet now. FINALLY! I can walk in the laundry room again!

Wanting… To be able to enjoy Indy’s vacation with him. How have three days already flown by? I’ve decided to take off Friday, Saturday and Sunday with him if I can, but that means really staying on top of my work during the rest of the week.


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