Things I Love Thursday

Indy at one of our Potter parties!
Indy at one of our Potter parties!

We are waist-deep in GISHWHES (and literally feet deep in pineapples as a result), Indy and I are both working our tails off (he’s working 12-hour days) and everybody is tired. That said, there’s a LOT to love this week.

Holding baby A over the weekend just made my month. And it’s just started!

Seeing most of my BFFs at one of their children’s graduation parties was pretty awesome. And don’t even get me started on the pulled pork… Mmmm.

Not one but TWO Harry Potter parties in one week! I’d have to say the library’s butterbeer was the best I’ve ever tasted.

Having work is wonderful. This is the time of year when Indy and I are usually recovering from having hours/work cut (and we did this summer, as usual) before things pick up fast and hard and I’m so grateful to have the work I’ve got.

Bullet journaling! I love it more than any other planning system I’ve used, which may not be good, since I already made next year’s planner…

A free night at the Magic House courtesy of the library’s summer reading program was incredible, but mostly because Indy and I were obnoxiously goofy. Wood Sprite kept alternating between playing along, cracking up and being embarrassed.

Our AC is working! My dad came up to help Indy work on it and now it gets crazy cool in here. It’s off most of the time as a result and I bet we’ll see a difference on the next bill.

What are you loving this week?


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