The Tuesday Currents

Sick of seeing my baby Cleo yet? Here she is on one of her favorite perches: Indy.
Sick of seeing my baby Cleo yet? Here she is on one of her favorite perches: Indy.

Rocking to… Awkwafina (NSFW!). How can you listen to her and NOT perk up?

Laughing About… Inappropriate comments with Indy. Thank goodness for that man.

Drinking… coffee. Yep. You know I’m deep in the trenches when I bring out the big (caffeinated) guns.

Reading… Wonder Woman and Trollhunters by Guillermo del Toro. I am writing much more than reading this month.

Writing… Product descriptions (tools, stamp collections, clothing, etc.), several articles about marijuana, three pieces for Screen Rant, journal entries, Boo to You, Mrs. Robinson (my October release), Street Fighting Man (November) and Visions of Sugarplum (December), my new Bullet Journal.

Watching…  Not much this week! I’m watching Wood Sprite build planes on Minecraft out of the corner of my eye.

Planning… GISHWHES tasks, sleepovers, a trip to the Magic House, the 2015-2016 schedules for both Girl Scouts and 4-H, First Friday at the Science Center, Indy’s vacation (also known as The Week of Work on the House), a pool day with friends, fall co-op stuff, library events, homeschool days… Lots of things! We are also doing the Dating Divas August Love Calendar, the Pop Sugar Relationship Challenge and a planking challenge this month… among other things!

Seriously, I’ve been in meetings or working on all of my volunteer work all day and STILL need to make two library stops, vote, make dinner, get work done…  Plus Indy is on the graveyard shift, which has all three of us on different sleep schedules somehow. August is nuts, y’all. As long as I can stay upbeat we will ALL be okay. If not, well… look out for the chairs.

Making… Calendars, a bullet journal, stickers, toad homes, window borders, changes to furniture arrangements (and carpet removal)!

Wanting… Sanded floors. Seriously. And to stop getting dog fur in my feet. Does anyone else’s skin easily pierce with animal fur or whiskers? Pulling one out is one of the grossest things EVER and man, does it hurt if you get one in there.


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