Things I Love Thursday

Hermione loves to photobomb.
Hermione loves to photobomb.

This week, I say goodbye to covering sports at SSI. Although I did have to learn about teams that were new to me, I enjoyed learning about all three teams and even became a fan of one of them, so this week I am both loving and leaving SSI!

A few other things I am loving this week include…

This amazing weather. This has been the longest spring that I can remember and it’s been breezy and beautiful. I am reminded of my childhood springs this year and it’s wonderful.

Caring for Wood Sprite. She’s been sick and although that is NOT something I love, I do love that I work from home and can take care of her without having to ask off, lose a paycheck and risk so much. So many families do not have the same good fortune and I am so grateful for it. I am also getting tired of watching The Princess Bride, which is her go-to sick movie.

My chicks! They are growing way too fast for me. They come running every time I see them, hoping I’ll have meal worms or crickets for them. I love having them inside and will miss them SO much when they go outside, but I will also love having that space back (not to mention less dust).

My own patience. I’ve had more of it this week than I have had in past weeks, and I know it’s because I’ve been struggling with it and making an effort to stay calm. Wood Sprite even called me something rather ugly the other day and I calmly said, “I feel hurt when you say that to me.” She quickly apologized after she didn’t get the reaction she had hoped for!

What are you loving this week?

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