Things I Love Thursday

Wood Sprite covered in cats.
Wood Sprite covered in cats.

I use these wonderful mood trackers from Dianne Sylvan each week. At first I just used them because they are so adorable, but I have really found value in tracking how I feel each day. Last week, for example, I had a really bad day on Tuesday, which I charted as an 8, but most of the week rated at 1, which is pretty low level of pain! This week, it has been up and down so much, with my lowest being a single 2. I can really track how I’m feeling when and find patterns as well as see that, “No, Sara, you are not sad ALL the time. See? Four 1’s in a row!” Anyway, that is one thing I’m loving this week and I really recommend using it!

Some other things I am loving include…

My family. This week they have been so amazing. My mom has listened to me and shared my frustrations this week, giving me support I desperately needed. My sister has done the same. My dad’s come up to help Indy and me with things around the house because he’s an expert on pretty much everything. Wood Sprite has been acting so mature and logical, which is cool and too fast at the same time.

Time to work. Between things canceled and things not happening the way they were supposed to, I have had more time to work this week. It’s also been a week with more work than I am used to, so I’m still struggling to finish, but it’s been really nice not having to run around as much as we usually do.

Summer break! It is almost here, folks. Normally I don’t call it that since we learn year-round but this year I’ve just had way too many commitments and I am ready for them all to take a nice, long break. I’m also leaving Facebook for at least two months, and I always enjoy those breaks so much. I may not let anyone talk me back into joining again! This summer is going to be about family and swimming and writing my books and working around this house… Tomorrow is our final co-op day, then next weekend is our Girl Scouts camp. The following week we have a couple of final obligations, and then we are DUNZO, as Tome Haverford would say.

What are you loving or looking forward to this week?



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