The Tuesday Currents

Spice is loving springtime.
Spice is loving springtime.

Rocking to… New ringtones. I’ve changed my main ones to American Horror Show themes and love how creepy my phone sounds.

Laughing About… Being goofy with Wood Sprite. This week, man… It is a doozy. I can really tell because my body will take one mildly funny thing when I am stressing and turn it into this HUGE release, where I am laughing so hard I am puking (or nearly puking), and that’s what happened earlier today. I am so, so tired of tension and ready to eliminate any cause of it.

Drinking… Tea

Reading… The Glass Magician and Jessica Jones comics

Writing… WNBA blogs, real estate blogs, marketing blgs, soccer blogs, hockey blogs, Boo to You, Mrs. Robinson, data center blogs,  accounting blogs… all kinds of stuff.

Watching… Gotham and I love it.

Planning… A nice, long Facebook break for the summer, if not longer, as well as planned No Tech Days for the rest of the gadgetry in the house. I’m tired of so much of my life being gadget-driven.

Making… Time to sleep.

Wanting… To be tech-free already! I just need it for a few end of year projects. Also? To sleep.


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