Things I Love Thursday

The day we brought them home... They are much bigger now!
The day we brought them home… They are much bigger now!

Out of all the blogs I post, Things I Love is the one I seem to always be behind on. I don’t think I’ve written one this spring at all! You can tell when I am breezily sailing through life when you see a weekly Things I Love Thursday post on this blog. The funny thing is, it’s when you’re not sailing through that you need the posts the most, right? I do keep a daily gratitude log in my planner, but writing longer lists seems to be more helpful for me. So here are some things that I am loving lately…

Daredevil and Jessica Jones. They were both really, really good. Now I am watching Gotham, but I’m not watching as rabidly… yet. Binging through these made me a bit sad as it is. I wish I had taken my time! Can’t wait for Luke Cage and The Defenders later.

Making fun Mother’s Day presents with Wood Sprite for people we love.

Our chicks. ❤ So much. I could play with them all day if I could. Sometimes I do spend way too much time with them (to the point where they now want to jump in my lap for fly around the house as soon as I open the enclosure) instead of taking care of other obligations.

Our Harry Potter House Points system! It’s been a little one-sided so far (um, hello, points to Ravenclaw, anyone?) but they make me grin when I see them.

Watching the Seattle Storm women work. Those women are powerful.

The Spotify American Horror Story playlist. WOW. It’s amazing. I can “watch” the show while working and not be distracted.

What are you grateful for this week?


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