The Tuesday Currents

house points
Ten points to Ravenclaw for writing this blog post.

Rocking to… Spotify playlists

Laughing About… Wood Sprite’s social commentary, spot-on as ever; also the ending of Days of Future Past, which delighted me so much I had to watch it again.

Drinking… water

Reading… Slasher Girls & Monster Boys and Daredevil comics

Writing… WNBA blogs, addiction treatment and symptom blogs, marketing blgs, soccer blogs, hockey blogs, Boo to You, Mrs. Robinson, web landing pages… all kinds of stuff. NAPOWRIMO is over and I am chagrined to report that while I completed it, most of my poems are short and filled with spring angst.

Seriously. Do these not sound like they were written by teenagers?

6. Over-Socialized

forceful movement,

slugging through the constant grind


in the name of socialization,

killing me softly

(That’s how I am feeling today, incidentally! People kept looking at my RBF and asking what was wrong. Sigh. I was just too exhausted to turn on whatever it is I turn on.)

24. Facebook

time warp consumes

with oily keys,

sucking my soul

through the screen

That said, some of them gave a little insight.

23. To Georgie

Little lost chick

Barely even known,

But so deeply loved 

(Georgia O’Keefe, one of our chicks, died that day.)

25. Empty Fridge

Feeding your child

Offers relief from

A panic that shouldn’t exist

Watching… Daredevil and Jessica Jones on Netflix. I sure am loving these superhero TV shows, even though sometimes they drag and feel like an extended movie. Will I like The Flash as much? Or should I start Breaking Bad, Empire or Gotham next? Over the weekend, we also watched Goosebumps with Wood Sprite (she loved it, we did not) and X-Men: Days of Future Past, which I would have paid to see in theaters multiple times had I known how it would end. I want to go back in time and pat the me who raged, seethed and boiled over Last Stand and whisper, “This, too, shall pass.” The Sara who lamented about not being able to watch the kind of X-Men (my love!) films that so many Marvel fans get to see with Avengers films has been placated. Bring on those X titles!

Planning… Lots and lots of swimming and very little else for the summer! Wood Sprite is going to one-week camps, one of them a full day and the other half. Other than that, we are spending out summer reconnecting after the hectic whirlwind that was this year.

Making… Harry Potter House Points! Indy is a Slytherin, Wood Sprite is a Gryffindor, I am a Ravenclaw and the pets all make up Hufflepuff (although our cats would definitely object to that if they knew, considering that most of them are Slytherins). We just bought clear vases at the Dollar Tree and printed House crests. Right now they have gumballs in them but we will be buying plastic jewels. We get points for doing good deeds, not yelling, winning games, etc. At the end of each month, the winning house gets to select a trip or treat!

Wanting… This semester to END. I am SO looking forward to more family time this summer! I’m just not looking forward to air conditioning bills.


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