Monday’s Music

OK, everybody. I am NOT letting this week kick my tookus like last week! Between all of our events (a birthday party, three play dates, 4-H club, leadership club, a hike and conservation program, LARP, French colonial days in another town, a bubble program, Girl Scouts, co-op and cookie deliveries scattered throughout the week), teaching, planning, work and chores, I averaged four hours of sleep a night. One night, I didn’t sleep at all. Ten years ago that was nothing, but these days burning the midnight oil does NOT work for me when I need to be up early every day, too. I am putting my foot down this week! If it’s not done by 1:00, too bad. I am hitting the hay.

Then again, I also aim to stay on top of things this week:

How about you, readers and writers? March madness hitting you yet?

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