The Tuesday Currents

Join ussss...
Join ussss…

Rocking to… Silence. I’m under pressure for multiple deadlines this week and while sometimes music helps me through it, other times I need quiet for concentration!

Laughing About… I actually laughed and cried at the same time last night! I was organizing two activities that I’m leading this week, finalizing things to send out for the scavenger hunt I’m running this month, writing for said multiple deadlines, answering questions from multiple homeschoolers and 4-H members, trying to schedule Girl Scout cookie deliveries in the few hours we have daily with the car, exhausted from not sleeping well or much and running around all weekend and Monday (not to mention looking at all the running for the rest of the week) and Wood Sprite came in asking for me to help her find a song she didn’t know the name to. I just burst into laughter and tears! I would like to say that I am better today, but after a nap I really just feel sick to my stomach. You know that scene at the beginning of 27 dresses where Katherine Heigl goes back and forth between two weddings? That is how I feel this week–only a lot less joyful about it all during the process.

Drinking… Sun Drop soda, which is probably not helping my stomach.

Reading… Ha! Actually, I just finished The Paper Magician by sneaking in a few pages during every bathroom visit. That is the way I read lately. I really, really hope it doesn’t stay the way I read for long! No writer can live without being a reader.

Writing… WNBA blogs, plumbing articles, soccer blogs, cannabis articles, hockey blogs and moving company articles…

Watching… Myself slowing descend into madness? Ha! No, I am actually watching my blue hair hanging down my shoulders. It is offending me much less than my blonde was before. I can’t say why I started to hate the blonde; I really loved it for weeks. Maybe it felt like it was mocking me since the sun wasn’t out and I had all this sunlight spilling over my shoulders.

Planning… To sleep, perchance to dream. No, really, to just sleep. Probably around 6:00 this evening.

Making… Notes for the activities I’m leading, phone calls for the community garden, YouTube and Imgur accounts for the scavenger hunt, dog beds and toys with 4-H at our meeting later today, lunch for this afternoon’s field trip.

Did I mention sleep?


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