Things I Love Thursday

Cleo is loving Minecraft.
Cleo is loving Minecraft.

I just enjoyed the second of two super fun play dates this week and realize how much I missed them over the holidays! Do you ever forget how much you enjoy something, even if you’ve had a very brief break from whatever it is, and then find yourself outrageously stunned when you realize how much it impacts your life? With that in mind, the things I’m loving this week are…

Play dates! I had so much fun with S and E this week, and I know Wood Sprite had fun with their kids, too. S kidnapped us and took us to a nature center, then E came the next day to play!

My new family notice board. I only made a few changes but I love it so much more than last year’s!

Our Girl Scout troop is just amazing. Wood Sprite told me how much she admires her leader in particular today, saying, “She is my favorite of all my teachers.” I need to tell her teacher, A, that she said that.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. I just finished it and it was SO good. I am also in love with Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King, although I have not yet finished it and must return it to the library.

The new rabbit pen sides! Indy stapled some tough cardboard up the sides of the big, open pen we have and now they can’t get out and eat the crayons anymore.

4-H Club. Planning things for the kids is so much fun. Plus, I get to hang out with my friends S, M, J and C. Win!

Indy made chili and it was SO good. But then he told me that when a guy at work asked what he was eating, he said, “Oh, I found this can in the pantry. It said Ol Roy so I thought I would try it. It’s not bad.” The guy believed him until another guy told him he was just joking! He is hilarious and does this stuff all the time. When he gets us zoo kits to check out, the families at the zoo think he’s a zookeeper (especially if he is wearing a work shirt) and he acts like there’s something dangerous in the kit instead of, you know, lesson plans and DVDs and fossils or whatever. Ha!

What are you loving this week?


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