Things I Love Thursday

I'm a little obsessed with The Force Awakens this week.
I’m a little obsessed with The Force Awakens this week.

I am swamped up to my ears with things to do before we leave town, so I am listing a few quick things I love this week!

Leaving for vacation! Three days off, tech-free, with my family, a hotel and the children’s museum? Yes, please!

Seattle sports. Really? I’m a baseball girl (CARRRRRDS!), but now that I’ve been covering hockey and soccer I am suddenly invested. Go Birds! Go Rave Green!

Everything The Force Awakens. I had goosebumps today watching clips, trailers, interviews… I cannot WAIT to see this movie.

Wood Sprite’s sense of humor. She just took off her headphones and remarked, out of the blue, “Why don’t they just throw Rumpelstiltskin’s dagger over the town line? They could just toss it over and be like, ‘Well, that shit is gone.'” I laughed SO hard.

Seeing my buddies this week. Between two field trips I was able to see most of my friends and it was really nice to get to talk to them a bit!

Snuggling with the dogs. I’ve been pretty down lately but somehow animal snuggles seem to help.

Wood Sprite’s creativity. It is amped up so much when she’s not playing Minecraft for hours on end!

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